I am DanSonic and my "real world" - name is Danilo Raggini.

My love and passion for music always has been a very evident part in my life. And music has always influenced my life, moods and decisions.

Since more than a decade I am working as a professional audio engineer, producing the sound for corporate movies, documentaries and audio-books as well as for commercials for radio, TV and cinema.

My musical activity, as DanSonic, only recently, in 2011, entered the public arena when I was invited to do a remix for "Blizzard", a tune by my good friend, DJ and producer F-Act, that was released on the Limeroads record label. A further highlight was the invitation to do a live-mix @ "Shake" a popular Swiss radio show hosted by MentalX on Radio Virus.

In 2014 I released my first production "Summer of Love" on my new label "artificial acoustical ambience records" with remixes by F-Act, Loco-Volver and Weisses Licht.

2015 has been a fabulous year so far. I had the joy to do a guest-mix for "Frisky Loves Switzerland", had some releases on "artificial acoustical ambience records" and was invited to do a remix for KellAr's 'The Way', released courtesy of Germany's Jetlag Digital. And as 2015 has been entering its fourth quarter I released a brand new three track "Deep House"-EP entitled 'BeachLounge'.

There still is a bunch of new tunes waiting for release.

So stay tuned for more from DanSonic.


Danilo / DanSonic