Danzen Binos

I like doing a lot of things and I try new things everytime. I do photography as a hobby. I love to travel to take photos of nature: scenery, animals, insects and plants alike. Places I wish to visit are Japan and Antarctica. I'd also want to visit Europe (been to Germany once but I didn't have a camera back then. BUMMER!) and the Americas too.

I also love aquariums! Very much!

I can write applications to a certain degree using PHP, Javascript, and C#. I'm still no expert but I am currently sharpening my programming skills especially with regards to writing HTML5 applications. I sometimes freelance ongraphics and web design plus development. I hope to develop mobile apps for Android and Windows Phone in the near future. I'm just waiting for a unique idea to spark in my head.

I am fond of anime and manga. I can draw but I can only manage with heads and faces. I severly lack in skills when drawing bodies. I do graphics design as mentioned in the former paragraph and I'm quite fond of making logos and stuff with CorelDraw. I'm not much of an Adobe person (Photoshop is a maze to me).

I am technically inclined and because of my line of work I can work with, fix and troubleshoot computers and other types of machines including industrial machinery such as printing presses and smart card machines. When it comes to computers, Windows is my friend but I am still flexible enough to work on other operating systems as long as I have access to the internet to gather information about them. I sometimes tinker with electronics and have made a few electrical designs of my own. I've been experimenting with the Netduino lately and hope to try the .NET Gadgeteer and Arduino too.

My other hobbies include composing songs, playing guitar (although I'm not really good at it), writing stories, tinkering with gadgets, and a plethora of other things. Most of what I know are self-taught or gained through experience.