Darko Rakovic

Gothenburg, Sweden

I am a product & marketing guy with fierce urge to learn, create and ultimately make the World a little bit more fun for everyone. I am interested in technology & people; why we do the things we do, what motivates us and how we can do and be better using current & emerging technologies. Creating and helping businesses around these insights is what I love doing. Others describe me as ambitious, persistent and creative.

By the age of 13 I was in my first rock band as a lead guitar player. At the same time I found passion in the game of pool, and was underground professional (cash games) player in the former Yugoslavia. Most used app on my phone is Audible from Amazon, helping me learning cool stuff daily through audio books. I have been taking cold showers at least once a day since 1 September 2010. I am a huge tennis nerd, Novak Djokovic fan, and amateur tennis player.

  • Work
    • Tvvist.com
  • Education
    • Master of Science in Business Administration, Marketing