Benjamin George

I like chinese food and Alienware computers. I spend money I don't have on things I don't need, because the TV box tells me to. Did I mention I like chinese food? Lo mein, general tso, all that stuff. I also like making youtube videos that people will never watch. I hope that one day I will be clever enough to have 100 subscribers. Crazy dream huh? Maybe you can help make that dream a reality... for the low low price of FREE. That's right. Free.

Realistically though I'm not at all a very complicated or interesting person, but that doesn't mean we can't get along? Maybe it does. Did I mention I like the band "Black Lab"? Haven't heard of them? Of course you haven't. That's okay though, I'm not judging you for not liking good music. I'd rather judge myself. I'd rather put myself under the microscope and figure out what all these spinny gears do.