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Craig Webster

Greetings and salutations! My name's Craig Webster, and I'm a geek. Computers, operating systems, networks, the Internet, gadgetry and technology are my passions.

I'm a university student at Monash South Africa for the time being. But beyond that I'm a developer, I love code and creating systems. Currently trained in Java, C#, .ASP, and that most useful of scripting languages, PHP. I'm hoping to expand that collection to include C and C++ in the future, so if you have any projects that are short a dev type person...

More socially I'm an enthusiest video gamer, with a love for masochistic indie games.

Looking ahead I hope to further myself as a able and skilled developer, while rounding myself out as a IT professional. I aim to eventualy develop video games, either for money or for the love of it.