Darrell Ulm

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Database Administrator in the United States

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Hi, I am Darrell Ulm ( Darrell Raymond Ulm ), and I’m a software developer. I am a fan of computer science, open source software, and software development. Have been working in Drupal for quite a while, versions 4.6 up to 8. Have done several database and system migrations mainly for Drupal but other systems like Koha as well.

I’m also interested Apache Spark, high-performance computing, data-parallel algorithms, and data science.

Skills are: PHP and Drupal w/ PHP, PHP-MVC Frameworks, MySQL, HTML / JavaScript, CSS, Algorithms, Python, Java, Sass, C, C++, Apache, Spark, Unity3d JS - C#, and Linux.

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  • Education
    • Kent State University
    • George Mason University
    • University of Akron