Darren Cecil Frank

Student in Tallahassee, FL

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Darren Cecil Frank is a junior computer and systems consultant located in Tallahassee, Florida. A recent graduate out of university, Darren offers top consulting for any computer and network system company. With many years of computer-related experience, both in hardware and software, and a proficiency in a number of programming languages, he offers consulting services for any company when it comes to their computer network system.

Networking, which fully encapsulates how computers and other electrical devices share information and resources with each other, is Darren’s expertise. His consulting services covers all areas included in computer and network system installation: He designs, sets up, maintains and secures computer networks for optimal use. He is a reliable individual for any potential IT company and will discuss any specific networking needs and then conduct tests to assess a specific network's performance and overall security.

Darren’s steps of computer and network systems consulting are: After collecting reflective results through the analysis of the existing network, Darren will quickly put together specific plans to improve that network, along with a clear cost benefit analysis for the prospective company to review before going forward. If plans are acceptable for the prospective company, Darren will oversee the instalment and testing of the new network. Darren places network security at the forefront of his consulting. Specifically, he will conduct various penetration tests on any existing network(s) and suggest appropriate security software (firewalls or antivirus software) to better protect a computer or network system.

In addition to Darren’s systems consulting background, he is overall a productive and enthusiastic individual with a broad range of technical knowledge. A very diligent worker, Darren will cover all surrounding computational or technical issues that may arise during the improvement or installation of a network system. Overall, with his distinct expertise and consistent work ethic, Darren is an optimal consultant to hire to improve any computer or network system.