Darren Malek

Founded in 2008 by attorney Darren Malek, the Veritas Law Group maintains offices in Michigan. Reflecting Darren Malek’s belief that legal services should be accessible to families and entrepreneurs as well as established businesses, Veritas Law Group sets aside the formalities of large firms’ lawyer-client relationships and focuses instead on a flexible, personal approach designed to provide the most effective service possible. Under the direction of Darren Malek, the Veritas Law Group utilizes the diverse professional experience of its attorneys to perform work in a number of practice areas.
Darren Malek and the Veritas Law Group are able to assist in variety of banking and finance matters, including raising capital for new businesses. Understanding that startups are vital to the foundation of a healthy economy, the Veritas Law Group also provides expertise in choosing the proper entity for a new company.
In litigation matters, Darren Malek places an emphasis on proactive legal strategies, and helps clients develop efficient paths to resolution. He has handled work for management firms, real estate developers, startup enterprises, and other business owners. His professional background includes banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, alternative dispute resolution, and representation of distressed borrowers.
Darren Malek possesses a Juris Doctor from the DePaul University College of Law. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, the Illinois State Bar Association, Risk Management Associates, the Federal Bar Association, and the American Bar Association.

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