Darwin Horan

venture capital executive in Englewood, Colorado

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An accomplished venture capital executive, Darwin Horan serves as president of Ventana Capital in Englewood, Colorado. He oversees a bonding capacity of more than $170 million, which he allocates to the development of a variety of commercial properties. To date, Darwin Horan has built a portfolio of ownership that includes oil and gas projects, residential real estate properties, and other strategic partnerships across multiple industries. He is also actively involved in residential and commercial real estate development and has entitled more than 35,000 properties to date.

Darwin Horan prepared for his career doing business studies. He balances his professional responsibilities with a diverse range of charitable and community-related commitments, including service as a coach to high school football as well as track and field teams. A supporter of such organizations as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Special Olympics, he also participates in such sports as jiu jitsu and fly fishing. Mr. Horan travels regularly to destinations such as the Caribbean and Mexico, and when at home, enjoys following the Denver Broncos and the Denver Nuggets.