Consultant, Volunteer, and Project Manager in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Consultant, Volunteer, and Project Manager in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

With a vision of entrepreneurship, a curiosity of social regularities, & a desire of a better WORLD. He regularly indulges in projects that incorporate norm breaking, music, event planning & creating charities to ensure better communities.


Dave has worked for multinationals such as GE Money, Capital One, Manulife, Canada Protection Plan, a Forester Company & currently, he is working atAIG.


Dave hosted multiple fundraising events through 2010-2011 to help the rebirth process of his native land after the earthquake in 2010. He is responsible for the Haitian Flag Day Commemorations in Toronto. He was the host and co-producer of Vwapanou, an Internet show that showcases Haiti. He also appeared in a documentary about Haitian Paintings (Eavesdropping on Souls).

Currently he is serving as Chief Empowerment Officer of Coalition Creole Ontario, Inc. a non profit he created. CCO is a hub of awareness for Creole Culture & Empowerment, showcasing the creole's culture including Haiti and the caribbean through arts, culture and their rich history. He co-created Ubuntu Awards night to showcase Creole Excellences.

He has worked with many non-profit organizations in Toronto. He is a Rotarian and currently serving as the president of Rotary Club of Forest-Hill. He is a knight from a few chevaliers Orders as well as a honorary Colonel of Kentuck.


Dave has founded Champagne Group Services.Inc, a diversified management and holding shares in company that has interests, directly or indirectly, in the financial services sector, transportation sector or tourism sector in Canada & Haiti.


  • Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Awards (2022)
  • Paul Harris Fellow Award (2022)
  • Honorary Colonel of Kentucky
  • Knight of the orders
    • Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim.
    • The Royal House fo De Jure Kingdom of Rwanda
    • Kwakyen Ababio
    • Golden Fire Dog
    • St Catherine with mount Sinai
  • Proclamation of April 7th as Toussaint Louverture Day in Durham