Dave Chupp

Indiana, United States

A longtime dog breeder based in Indiana, Dave Chupp formerly worked in the metal department of Keystone RV in Goshen, where he installed rubber roofing and top lights. After five years in the metal department, he transferred to the Keystone RV cabinet shop and began building cabinets for the various vehicles offered by the company. In addition to building a full range of lavatory cabinets, night stands, and kitchen overheads, Dave Chupp earned a promotion to the position of swingman before he left the company.

Today, Dave Chupp and his family run a dog breeding business that raises Alaskan malamutes, Golden retrievers, West Highland white terriers, Coton De Tulears, and many more. He has dedicated himself to raising all puppies in a warm and caring environment, exposing them to early socialization and guaranteeing a clean bill of health for one year after placement with a new owner.

In his free time, Mr. Chupp enjoys playing softball, stamp collecting, and reading.

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