David Holmes

London, England, United Kingdom

David Holmes is a photographer, blogger, digital curator and content creator, focusing on Internet Music, Open Content and Social Media.

Specializing in unique photo imagery for music projects and illustration, combining art, documentary and conceptual photographic styles.

He blogs about online music, Internet tools, web trends and innovations. Specializing in areas such as copyleft content, digital audio and video, free and open source software, Internet startups and applications,media distribution,music production, podcasting, realtime web and social media.

David is a long term advocate of Free Culture, Open Media, Creative Commons and the Open Source movement, participating as an independent commentator and web-resource creator.

He is also a former freelance audio engineer and recording studio owner, with experience of independent music management and publishing partnerships in the UK music industry.

Currently engaged with community projects involving art, digital media, drama, music, photography, health and horticulture.

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