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Dave Knight

Guest DJ | Radio Presenter | Creative, Consultant, and Life Coach in London, United Kingdom

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Hi, I’m Dave, a Guest DJ/Radio Presenter with a creative side based in London, UK.

Focusing on non mainstream influences, you get to hear some of the smoothest, sweetest, funkiest R'n'B/Street Soul/Neo-Soul with a touch of classic Hip-Hop and some Downtempo Urban Grooves and Love Songs from artists you love and artists you'll get to love.
You can hear some of the musical flavour 24/7 on

Links to voicereels, mixtapes, mixCD's, productions are below. Feel free to discuss your next project with me and see if we can achieve the results you're looking for.

Mixtapes & Mix CD's
"Skillz'n'Grillz" by Original One (White Tiger Remix) - Producer
Radio Show Podcast

Other projects include: (in partnership with a good friend)

You can get in touch with me using the icon link below.

Have a great day and enjoy what you can in the short time we have here on this crazy planet.

Peace, Love & Plantain

Dave Knight

(actually, you can get one of my Peace, Love & Plantain t-shirts from here: