Dave Mathews

CEO in San Francisco, California

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Inventor with 75 patents, a hardware hacker who created the CueCat. Founding contributor for Make Magazine, former freelance for PC Mag + others, sometimes a technology guest host on podcasts, TV & broadcast networks. Founder of the NewAer Proximity Platform which lets your smartphone initiate peer-to-peer communications within an application and IoT devices communicate without a network present.

We built some showcase apps derived from that:

Kiosk - Application for creating Minority Report like real-time interactions on screens like iPads, Apple TV and Raspberry Pi.

ToothTag - Automate local or web APIs based upon radio presence of devices.

Share - Puts everyone who is in the same physical space in the same cloud based folder.

In the past, I did Net Talk Live, G4 TV, Slingbox, and boxee, after being the inhouse inventor at RadioShack back in the early 2000's.

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    • Founder of NewAer, Inc.