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Dave Pflieger

President & CEO in Anchorage, Alaska

Dave Pflieger

President & CEO in Anchorage, Alaska

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A respected aviation and litigious expert, Dave Pflieger is currently the president and CEO of Ravn Alaska. His decades of training, experience and knowledge have allowed him to successfully head multiple airlines. His unique strategies and leadership abilities have allowed him to turn around multiple airlines' fortunes, reaching record-breaking profits. As CEO of Ravn, Dave is taking a very strategic angle and hopes to improve the company's already stellar record.

Prior to this, Dave was an advisor to the World Bank Group.

Dave Pflieger was formerly the CEO at Island Air and before that, Dave was the President & CEO of Silver Airways and began his tenure with the Company on May 1st 2013.

Previously, Dave Pflieger was the CEO & Managing Director of Air Pacific (later Fiji Airways). Before joining Air Pacific, Mr. Pflieger was a Founding Officer and Senior Vice President at Virgin America from 2004 to 2010.

Dave Pflieger is passionate about sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), protecting the environment, and making a difference in the lives and welfare of those in local communities served by his company.

During his tenure at Virgin America, Mr. Pflieger led and oversaw the establishment of the Company’s first-ever CSR program as well as a companywide Green Teams. This work focused on everything from getting the Company’s Headquarters LEEDs certified, to San Francisco beach clean-ups, company-wide recycling, identifying carbon offset projects, and even reducing the carbon footprint of the airline’s entire aircraft fleet through fuel burn / CO2 emissions conservation efforts. In short, Dave Pflieger and his fellow Green Team teammates left no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure Virgin America, its employees, and customers did everything and anything possible to protect the environment and help reduce the airline’s CO2 footprint and their collective impact on the environment.

The Virgin America Green Team was also instrumental in helping the Virgin Group come up with new ideas on how Virgin branded airlines in the UK and Australia could implement similar initiatives. During the Green Team’s quarterly meetings, Dave Pflieger and the other members developed recommenda

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