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Dave is an international travel writer and founder of Dave’s Travel Corner, a premier travel resource since 1996. He is well traveled; while on the road he enjoys the outdoors, backpacking, mountain climbing, meeting people, and experiencing other cultures.

Combining these interests with his expertise in technology, photography and writing, he shares his adventures on Dave’s Travel Corner and in select media outlets. Dave is most at home in Bangkok, Los Angeles, the Napa Valley or California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

A pioneer in online travel writing, Dave has extensive contacts and wide influence in the travel and wine industries as well as a large audience of DTC readers and social media followers.

In 2006, he conceived the Napa Wine Project, a challenging endeavor to visit, taste with and write about every winery in Napa Valley, California. He has now completed more than 800 visits and written reviews of Napa producers for the project.

His first book titled 'The Freeways of Los Angeles' was published in 2010.

He is a big proponent of experiential travel, valuing experiences far above "things".

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