David Guillod

film producer in Los Angeles, California

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David Guillod is well known in talent acquisition and management, but is also renowned as a film and television producer. His over 25-year careertouched upon many household names, including Jennifer Lopez, Sean“Diddy” Combs, and Katie Holmes. He has also helped various stars tbranch out and form companies and brands that continue to grow.

Guillodhas held senior-level leadership across multiple companies including UnitedTalent Agency (UTA), Handprint Entertainment, and Intellectual ArtistsManagement. Most recently, Guillod was CO-CEO of Primary WaveEntertainment, where he helped grow the company and manage a litany ofstars in the film, television, and literary worlds. Guillod is accomplished andpossesses an entrepreneurial spirit that’s helped him add tremendous valueacross multiple top level organizations.

Combined with his experience andindustry awareness,David Guillodis one of the industry’s most recognizedleaders with an incredible track record of growing big brands andgenerating buzz. “Atomic Blonde”, whichGuillodexecutively produced,won multiple Golden Trailer Awards and was a Top Ten Pick by theaudience at CinEuphoria.