David Cloutman

I started life in New Mexico but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in my late childhood. I studied philosophy at UC Berkeley and library science at San Jose State. I started my career with the intent of becoming a librarian, but having been involved with the Internet and technology very early on, I found that my calling was in writing software. I have done consuting building front to back Web applications since 2001 for clients as diverse as the State of California, Autodesk, and more small and medium sized businesses than I can list. Most recently, I have worked for several startups, including Giftiki, a social commerce company. Most recently I spent 2.5 years as Director of Engineering at Liquor.com where I helped the team take the company from chugging to humming.

After taking some time of to deal with a family health crisis, I am currently in the job market for my next big opportunity.

In my spare time I run, climb mountains, and play the bass guitar.

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