David Edgley


Hi I'm David. I'm kind of like the Biz Markie of Australian hip hop, but with less beatboxing skills and more teeth. I got expert knowledge in awesomeness, Melbourne, building amazing creative projects online and off, rusty crossover dribbles, making celebrities cry on Twitter and sourcing local bars in alleys that look too scary to walk up.

Some of my adventures have included creating my own hip hop magazine in Peak Street and managing it's social media trouble making, resurrecting Hologram Tupac via Twitter, curating an Adidas sponsored exhibition of 50 of the dopest Australian graf artists and design punks, being a music journalist for every street press mag in Australia you can poke a pen at, hosting my own hip hop community radio show, managing the Flood Money Auction for the brisbane floods because The Hilltop Hoods dobbed us in, organising and releasing the 93 Mixtape and writing, photographing, filming and generally managing online content for Nova 100.

If you need a writer who can speak to jaded cynical kids, a social media expert, a dope creative consultant or have an MPC2000 you want to sell on the cheap then hit me up.