David Corsi

Marketing, Management Quality System, and Project Manager in Livorno, Italia

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My work experience started in the hotel industry, where I take the fundamental techniques of customer relations and staff management for the realization galas at five-star hotels.

After several years I move my interest in the jewellery industry alongside my uncle in his activity as a wholesaler.

At the same time, I realize my dream of founding a club of food and wine, with the position of director of the magazine that deals with the selection of wines and restaurants in Italy.

But my desire to discover new horizons, brings me to the challenge of the IT sector, where I hold the position of account manager for the e-learning division and responsible for the quality management system.

A big change in my way to see the world have been the theology studies at at the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Pisa, where my passion for philosophy and the humanistic culture have open to me a new perspective of the life.

Today, still not sated, I'm vice-president of a medical center for which I offer my advice for the area marketing & management, developing programs of change management and team building, working for the management of occupational health and promoting creative methods as design thinking and agile project management.

  • Work
    • Biolabor - Biosalus
  • Education
    • Diocesan Theological Institute
    • Professional Technical Institution