David Jahr, APR

Ghostwriter and Publishing in Santa Barbara, CA, USA

David Jahr, APR

Ghostwriter and Publishing in Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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David Jahr, APR is a distinguished ghostwriter, public relations (PR) master and book publishing coach serving celebrity doctors and CEOs who are reforming health through the mind, body and soul. He has helped ghostwrite and/or launch three New York Times best-selling books, and related websites. Think you've got a best-seller? Start here or learn more at DavidJahr.us.

Facts About Book Writing / Publishing

- Most people who say they "should" or "want" to write a book, never do.

- Most people who begin writing a book, never finish.

- Most people who complete a book, never sell more than 500 copies.

- The odds of writing a New York Times best-seller on your own, is at least one in a million.

- Of the 1.2 millions books published per year, 750,000 are self-published.

- Today's hybrid publishing capabilities give authors more challenges than ever.

The odds are not in your favor as an author. Yet, we live in an information age, where everything can be found online. So, the sooner you can capture your niche, the better. How can you change the odds in your favor?

Ask a pro.

Desired Clients:

- Doctors (who have a service, product or dream beyond serving patients)

- CEOs (looking to build a personal brand beyond CEO)

- Athletes (who have a great story and awesome cause to support)

- Pastors / Christian Authors (willing to invest in their message)

- Celebrities (People with influence and a positive message)

- Coaches (life, health, business, etc)

  • Work
    • BizEx Marketing
  • Education
    • University of Nebraska-Omaha
    • Westmont College
    • Wayne State College