David Jordan

Minister, Teacher, and Writer in Huntersville, North Carolina

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Greetings! Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is David Jordan and here are a few of the things I like, though in no particular order.

Family. Making music. Tennis. Friends. Good food. Playing the guitar (and banjo, though less well). Visiting new places. Enjoying old places. Gardening. Eating fresh vegetables from gardening. Laughter – really a favorite of mine. Good jokes. Good music. Pretty scenery.

And I like collecting thoughts, pulling together bits and pieces of insights from over the years. And pictures, photos & memories of places, people and events that have enriched my life.

I hope what you find here, in the eclectic collection of pictures and ruminations, is fun, interesting, and maybe even in some way, helpful.

Enjoy – and thanks for visiting!