David Stocker

Vice Presdent in Phoenix AZ

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David Stocker, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, is a versatile professional, proficient both as an attorney and a business executive. He manages a demanding schedule as Vice President of Client Services and Head of Legal Affairs at Tigunia, LLC.

Within Tigunia, David is critical, executing numerous indispensable tasks. His responsibilities encompass a wide spectrum, including client services, legal affairs, and quality assurance, with oversight extending to significant areas like software development, project management, and legal operations.

David Stocker plays a pivotal role within Tigunia, shouldering many critical responsibilities. His duties encompass client services, legal affairs, and ensuring quality assurance. In this capacity, he oversees various aspects, including software development, project management, and legal operations, demonstrating his multifaceted expertise and dedication to excellence in all facets of the organization.

Outside of his professional commitments, David Stocker pursues diverse interests and hobbies. Alongside his passion for music, he enjoys tackling challenging mountain biking trails and immersing himself in the intricate world of recreational car detailing.

To learn more about David Stocker, visit DavidStocker.com.