David Baeta

Professionnally, I'm a content producer: television (I play behind and in front!), web and print. I like to share stories and, to do so, have been using the web extensively since the days where you paid by the hour. At home, I'm a hobbyist who can handle a nail gun, baby bottles and an iron skillet. Ah oui, et je fais tous ça dans les deux langues officielles...!

A small sample of some pieces I'm proud of:

Gemini Winners

Social Networking

Teen Pregnancy


Things I conceptualized:

Analogue: http://tfo.org/emissions/analogue/

5 bands de Subdury http://volt.tfo.org/sudbury.cfm

Other Stuff:

Marineland: http://www2.tfo.org/Volt/Video/6945

Fire 1 http://www2.tfo.org/Volt/Video/8273

Fire 2 http://www2.tfo.org/Volt/Video/8256

Fire 3 http://www2.tfo.org/Volt/Video/8272
Hydraulophone: http://www2.tfo.org/Volt/Video/8365