David Baruchel

Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Innovation Consultant in Paris, France

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Hi, I’m David. I’m a French entrepreneur, living in Paris. A year in the Bay Area was enough for me to catch the "startup virus", as well as the maker mindset, combined with an open-minded culture.

Now I dedicate myself to projects that stimulate people to be more creative, and broaden their cultural horizons.

That's why I created Bridges, a social media where you enrich your life by expanding your knowledge and the knowledge of others, thanks to interfaces stimulating constructive recommandations and discussions. (www.bridges.land).

I also help other young entrepreneurs apply the startups' methodologies of innovation (Lean, Design Thinking, Sprints, ...) to kickstart their projects, and co-founded an agency of entrepreneurs/freelancers called "Start The F*** Up". Our goal is to help our clients go from 0 to MVP with a fast, cheap and efficient process. (www.starttheFup.co)


What you couldn't learn from my Linkedin profile:
📸 I'm an aspiring photographer,
✎ I love designing stuff, and getting better at it everyday,
🎸 I like to try out new instruments (most recently: guitar & ukulele)
🔥 Every year, I organise a camp at Nowhere Festival – a european Burning Man )'(
🌀 I started a series of events in Paris called "Passages" where people showcase the creative projects they have been working on with their teams during two months.


Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to contact me if you want to have a chat !

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