David Bjørnsten-Lindhard

I'm a innovative photographer, designer and developer in the thirties. One of the big things that sets someone a part is the possibility to produce and publish your creativity by your self. I'm currently running a photo agency where i rent photographers, equipment and talent! Mostly I work as a photojournalist but I've done both modeling- and commercial- photo shoots for customers. Besides that I've had a extensive background with electronics and computers, that have led me to some of the best jobs I've had in my life and the reason why i got sucked into starting my own company in the first place. To keep my old interests updated and fresh i work for EuroAds Group as their network and backend developer where I've implemented a complete cloud infrastructure and optimized their network and security. Before EuroAds i was CEO of Azero A/S where i helped them get back on their feet.

My own company is called VisionPhoto and have existed for almost 5 years now. We've done lots of work, just check out our references - Our strong sides is we can handle everything in house, from print, design, release, publish and AD tasks - We've mostly worked in the festival/commercial/event scene where I have my roots from many many years of volunteer work. I've also worked with some of the stone-age's computer-systems - The so called Mainframes from back in the days where you used punch-cards to instruct your machine to do stuff - Those where the times when i worked for BEC. All in all, i would say I've been around, tried a lot - Seen a lot, lived a lot ! And most important of all - Ready for a lot !

I also do a log of freelance graphics, things like etc my background on this page. This is something you can order through VisionPhoto if you want some work done. Our specialties is retouching of photos, complete content drawings and visualization.

Got questions, or what ever - Just contact me!
I always enjoy a good conversation and cigar!