David El Dib

Entrepreneur in Downtown, Dubai

Former private banker and consultant David El Dib has worked hard to reinvent himself as a highly sought-after speaker, businessman, and investor. Individuals and companies turn to David as a source for intelligent financial strategies and data because of his status as a worldwide recognized leading expert in cryptocurrencies and personal finance. In today's highly competitive investment environment, David is a successful self-made entrepreneur and financial leader who has built himself from the ground up. His objective is to make it easier and less frustrating for today's venture capitalists to create cryptocurrency-based returns.

David El Dib has developed a tried-and-true strategy for investing personal money in a way that yields the highest return over the past few years. David thought it was time to introduce his very successful technique to a bigger market after his family and friends tried out his investment strategies and also had excellent success. He started hosting lectures and workshops so that others may understand and use his unique investment strategies for their own and their families profit. David created simple-to-use online wealth-building tools to spread the word about this highly essential information as his pupils continued to succeed with his finance and investment tactics.

David also hosts a podcast and webinar series that members may listen to or watch at their convenience, on the go, or in the comfort of their homes, as part of his dedication to making wealth-building tactics accessible to individuals who want to grow their financial prospects exponentially. Because of this, you may increase your knowledge of finance and invest regardless of where you are or what is happening around the globe.

  • Education
    • Vienna Business School