David Feingold

As managing member of the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, law firm Feingold & Kam, LLC, David Feingold leads a team of approximately 50 staff members, with all attorneys holding solid transactional and litigation experience. The firm has successfully represented professionals in the finance, securities, and brokerage sectors concerning state and federal allegations of wrongdoing. Mr. Feingold’s team also represents prominent banks and brokerage firms in a variety of legal matters, including cases involving regulatory authorities. Another aspect of the Feingold & Kam practice is preparing and executing securitized pool/collateralized loan transactions that involve major financial institutions such as Citigroup and Washington Mutual. David Feingold undertook his undergraduate studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, earning a B.A. in Political Science. Recognized for academic achievements by the Phi Beta Kappa Society, he graduated cum laude near the top of his class. He continued his studies at the Emory University School of Law, promptly gaining admission to the bar. Mr. Feingold opened his current practice in 1993 with a commitment to developing firm expertise in the complementary practice areas of corporate transactions and trial work. To date, he has represented clients in a number of trials, while managing nearly $300 million in business transactions. One of David Feingold’s primary passions involves improving the lives of children in need in the United States and developing countries around the world. His efforts include funding a South American program to provide children with vitamins and access to proper dental hygiene. He has also sponsored the construction of a school in Guatemala, which serves an entire village that previously had no access to formal education. Mr. Feingold has also assisted numerous charities and individuals in Florida: his firm notably provided a young person in need with a merit scholarship for full graduate tuition. Additionally, he has funded scholarships that allowed children to attend summer camps in Florida and North Carolina. Over the past two decades, David Feingold has encouraged his entire law firm to share his commitment to assisting children and young adults, bringing hope to individuals from humble backgrounds.