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It can be said that we all have financial situations that we are dealing with. For some of us those financial situations may be wonderful and well put together. For other those financial situations leave some room for improvement. However you want to slice this cake, we all must consider the importance of social security. It’s not just a number we are born with, but has a tremendous impact on what and how we can accomplish certain things in modern times. A financial expert name David Giertz did a recent interview on The Wall Street Journal. In the brief interview he discussed how a lot of financial advisors may avoid the topic of social security, and how roughly 80% of Americans are not properly informed of their own.

David Giertz is the president of the Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc., and serves as a prominent financial advisor in the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. David has served in the Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. since April 3, 2013. He currently resides in Ohio as he works in the companies, and overseas the importance of social security and finances. He concludes that a lot of major mistakes that are made will develop into smaller social security checks. This will serve as a future problem as a lot of people, particularly baby boomers, are expecting a check when approaching retirement. In an article written on CNBC David comments,"Our parents and grandparents had pensions, but they are drying up and going away.”

It as though a gap between the wealthy and less wealthy is growing in America due to small undealt with mistakes that have grown over time. A man by the name of Robert Seiler who is the vice-president of ASC Financial Group had something to mention along with David’s statement. Robert commented,"Social Security was designed to assist in retirement, not entirely fund it. So you need to have a ... retirement plan to follow." It can be clearly seen from these financial experts that having an additional financial plan on top of the assistance of social security is a much wiser course of action. Clearly David Giertz’s advice on social security had a lot more impact than we thought. It seems like the advice of safe rather than sorry in this situation is a sound one.