David Greelish

Computer Historian, Writer, and Public Speaker in Johns Creek, Georgia

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I have studied computer history and collected old computers for well over 20 years now. In 1993, I founded the original Historical Computer Society and published the zine "Historically Brewed." More recently, I founded both the Atlanta Historical Computing Society and the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast. I have published my own story and all of my computer history zines in the book, "Classic Computing: The Complete Historically Brewed." Tell someone or get a copy yourself.

I have written extensively about computer history, created and participated in numerous podcasts, plus conducted both audio and written interviews with notable people in the industry, like Ed Roberts, John Sculley and Alan Kay.

Although my focus in writing, speaking, podcasting, video and etc. has been in computer history, I’m also a huge fan of Walt Disney (the man). I am particularly proud of an article I wrote a few years ago where I compared Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.

Oh, I am the Founder and Creative Director of a local sketch comedy troupe too. "Mystery Science Theater 3000" is my favorite (comedy) show of all time.

Links to all of my work can be found on my website.

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