David Guo Evony

Software and Game Development in San Fransisco, CA

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David Guo Evony (Yaoqi Guo) brings over 25 years of software and game development, network security, UX, game theory and API design expertise to his role at WON INC.

David's passion for technology started when he was in high school at 1993, selling a multimedia management software system to GuangZhou Southern TV Corporation. In 1998 before he graduated university, David created the famed Skynet firewall, the most popular consumer firewall in China at the time with tens of millions of internet users protected by it. In 2004, he co-founded one of the largest virtual currency exchange platforms in the world, facilitating millions of transactions and generating hundreds of millions in value by 2005.

David has co-led the design, development and publishing of multiple products such as: Skynet Firewall (1998), MyIM (2000), Virtual Currency Exchange (2004) Evony: Age I (2009), Evony: Age II(2010), Tynon (2012), Digisocial (2012), Hi (2013), Heroes Charge (2015), Evony: The King's Return(2016) and Heroes Arena (2017).