David Hoffman

Santa Cruz Ca

David Hoffman has two professions & two passions. He is one of America's premier video storytellers & he has been a lifelong strategic communications advisor for more than a dozen Fortune 500 & more than 50 startup companies.

Hoffman has created an entirely new “home video” style & developed handheld lightweight technology. He presents clips and complete videos using this style on his YouTube channel, www.YouTube.com/allinaday. Companies, products & services & key individuals have asked Hoffman to create videos using his style for brand building & target audience motivation purposes. Also Hoffman's 175 reality TV documentaries have won every major award in his industry.

Hoffman has also worked with senior executives at companies like AT&T;, United Technologies, Mobil, Aetna, Sony, Google, Amazon and Verizon Wireless on strategic and tactical communication issues such as target audience positioning and key messaging.

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    • Story development, storytelling, video production