David Holden

For many years, David Holden has operated in senior-level positions in the corporate finance industry. After attending the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in 1984, David Holden currently functions as the Managing Director of SeaQuest Global Corporation. Since joining the SeaQuest team in 2009, he has contributed to the corporate finance operations of the company and held responsibility for raising capital for SeaQuest’s numerous holdings. At present, SeaQuest possesses investments in 49 different companies, but the company regularly buys new interests and sells its old ones. Knowledgeable in finance restructuring, turnaround management, acquisition negotiation, and corporate finance, David Holden served as a Senior Vice President for Harris Brown & Partners Limited before coming to Seaquest. He has also operated as a Senior Vice President at American Capital Partners, Ltd., and President and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Savings & Trust. A member of the Toronto Board of Trade, David Holden has been featured in the“Who’s Who of Canadian Finance.” He has also been recognized in a “London’s Top 50” list, where he earned 2nd place. David Holden and his company support the United Way Worldwide and the Hospital for Sick Children. In his free time, Mr. Holden enjoys spending time with his family and traveling around the world. A fan of water sports, he takes great pleasure in boating and scuba diving, with his favorite Caribbean destinations including the Bahamas.