David Houtsma

Attorney David Houtsma presides as partner of the Georgia-based firm, Albright, Houtsma & Clark, LLC. Focused on real estate, attorney David Houtsma is experienced in the areas of corporate law, tax law, secured transactions, real estate transactions, employment law, and e-commerce law. Attorney David Houtsma offers clients his expertise in negotiating contracts with businesses, non-profit organizations, and international entities. He also provides counsel on matters regarding residential, commercial and small business administration arrangements; aids clients in conducting incorporations; and advises emerging technology companies on topics such as licensing agreements. Operating as the firm’s Marketing and Business Development Director as well, attorney David Houtsma acts as corporate trainer and leads the practice’s presentations. He forges and maintains strong ties to local banks, including Wachovia, a division of Wells Fargo, Branch Banking & Trust Company, Prudential, Cornerstone Mortgage, and RBC Centura Bank. An alumnus of the Georgia State College of Law in Atlanta, Georgia, attorney David Houtsma was a class senator in his first year and an honor court prosecutor in his third year. Excelling in litigation, David Houtsma received the CALI award in the subject. He graduated with a Juris Doctor at the top of his class. Attorney David Houtsma belongs to the State Bar of Georgia as well as the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. He is also a member of the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Supreme Court of Georgia. He is a notary public and licensed as a Georgia title insurance agent for LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc., Ticor Title, and Southern Title Insurance Corporation as well.