David Jeansonne

Entrepreneur in New Orleans, Louisiana

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David Jeansonne is a creative and driven entrepreneur who runs a conglomerate of highly successful companies, including Traffic Jam Events™, a nationally rewnowed automotive-marketing firm.

David also founded CHAMPS BOXING™, a group fitness program that conforms to all physical fitness platforms and offers the newest HYDROBLAST™ punching bag technology. He has also recently founded Cover That Mouth!™ a mask production company helping to offset the devastation of COVID-19.

A self-made professional, David's pure motivation and innovation-driven approach to business has led to success across various industries.

Additionally, David is passionate about giving back to his community. Some of his favorite charitable organizations are the local Rec. playground he grew up at, VFW, Make A Wish, and Toys for Tots (run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve). You can always find him looking for ways to help his community down to the most personal level.

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