David Johnston CFO

principal of dbj consulting LLC in Marblehead, MA

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Former CFO David Johnston has a wealth of financial planning and management expertise, which he has successfully utilized to assist numerous emerging life science companies. In 2019, he founded dbj Consulting LLC to share his expertise with smaller emerging life sciences companies that still need to afford a full-time, experienced CFO. His clients are typically virtual and have ten or fewer employees. By signing on with his firm, they gain access to an experienced CFO on a fractional, part-time basis.

He firmly believes that having part-time C-level executives is a trend that benefits both firms and the executives themselves. His consulting work allows him to balance his professional and family life better, keeping him motivated and preventing burnout. He also finds it intellectually stimulating to work with various clients.

As an experienced CFO, David understands the crucial role financial planning plays in the success of small biotech firms. He helps his clients build financial relationships, manage resources, and plan for the future while providing a solid foundation of accountability. Companies pay part-time CFOs hourly or flat-fee, giving them access to valuable expertise without the costs associated with a full-time hire.

In addition to his financial skills, he brings a disciplined and professional approach to his consulting work, along with a sense of humor that serves entrepreneurs well. Some of his clients already have CFOs on staff but contract with him for his strategic advice. Ultimately, David's goal is to help emerging life sciences companies succeed by providing top-notch CFO services at an affordable cost.