David G Jorgensen

David G. Jorgensen, who cofounded the multimillion-dollar company Katun Corporation in 1979 and sold it to private equity groups in 2002, first studied electrical engineering at the University of Utah. While working for The Boeing Company, Jorgensen also studied at the University of Washington, where he earned his MBA. In the 1960s, Jorgensen joined the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International), which paid for him to enroll in Stanford University’s doctoral program in engineering.. In 1969, David G. Jorgensen cofounded a computer parts startup called Computer Synectics, which generated $1 million in sales. In 1972, he joined Dataquest Inc. Employing six other Stanford graduates, Dataquest offered high-tech market research services to institutional investors and bank trust departments. Jorgensen eventually became CEO and Chairman of Dataquest. David G. Jorgensen cofounded Katun Corporation in 1979 and remained with the company for more than 20 years. Jorgensen saw Katun go through huge growth periods during his tenure, and helped build the company from a small independent business to one with international offices and $350 million in sales before it was sold. Although David G. Jorgensen contributed significantly to Katun, in 2002 he sold the company and moved on to other endeavors. Today, Jorgensen serves as Vice Chairman of the Free to Choose Network, an organization that encourages citizens to support freedom in the personal, economic, and political arenas and to come up with “winning ideas” to improve society as a whole. In addition, Jorgensen holds membership in the National Philanthropy Board of the Pacific Legal Foundation, another organization that promotes personal freedom.

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