David Kripke

Since 2004, software executive David Kripke has led Chicago-based 1733 Group as its president. At the helm of the independent software developer, he consults on various stages of projects, including planning, system structure, and design. Additionally engaged in the creation of several secondary products, David Kripke has functioned as a designer and developer for a mobile and cloud-based field reporting system for the construction industry and for a warehouse industry fulfillment management software system. Further collaborating with Microsoft as an expert consultant, he held responsibility for writing the Microsoft Corporation Learning System Strategy document, among other duties.

Previously, Mr. Kripke maintained the roles of founder, CEO, and president of DKSystems, Inc., a leading provider of learning management and help desk systems. He started his career with FMC Corporation as a systems analyst.

David Kripke graduated from the University of Michigan with an undergraduate degree in economics, subsequently achieving his master of business administration from DePaul University. In his spare time, he may be found on the fairway enjoying a game of golf.