David B. Lawal

Multimedia Journalist, Writer, and Teacher in Abuja, Nigeria

David B. Lawal

Multimedia Journalist, Writer, and Teacher in Abuja, Nigeria

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David Bashir Lawal is a multimedia journalist and Social Media Consultant who is based in Abuja, Nigeria with about seven (7) years of experience in the Nigerian media, starting as an Editorial Assistant with TELL Communications - publishers of TELL Magazine and Broad Street Journals (BSJ). He was a Multimedia Journalist and Social Media Executive with The Nation Newspaper, Nigeria till December of 2017.

He earned the Higher National Diploma (a Bachelor of Science Degree equivalent in Nigeria) in Journalism from the prestigious Nigeria Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Ogba, Lagos.

While studying at the institution, he signed up for a Child’s Right Advocacy programme called Voice of Children Africa (VOCA) and later became the General Secretary. Before now, he worked in the teaching sector for six years.

In 2017, David was invited by UNLEASHLAB as one of the 1000 talents to find innovative solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals in Copenhagen, Denmark. He worked in the Health Team that came up with an amazing solution to Maternal Mortality in Developing countries of Africa and Asia.

As a journalist, David collaborates with non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the health and development of Nigerian youths to promote and protect young people’s sexual and reproductive health especially, increasing their ability to prevent early pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

David's work with these young people through NGOs helps them make informed decisions about their sexuality, free of discrimination, coercion, and violence; while developing competencies to thrive now and in adulthood.

Though, a passionate Journalist, David enjoys participating in development issues and has a strong passion for youth development.David has been trained and has obtained different certification from:

UNLEASH in Denmark;

Google Africa in Nigeria;

British Council in Nigeria;

UNESCO in Latvia as a Nigerian delegate to the World Press Freedom Day 2015. He is a member of Nigerian Union of Journalists, Journalists For Christ, Africa Press Team, Africa Young Entrepreneur and Wise Corpers. He is also a member of a team from Global Editors Network who designed a program to combat Ebola virus diseases out of Nigeria in 2014.

During his time off work, he plays the Piano and likes reading and teaching.

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