Boise, ID

I am an avid blogger, foodie and pie addict, social media and technology geek, sci-fi, comicbook & film fanatic, and lover of the game of soccer (futbol). I love technology (am often surrounded by the latest and greatest in mobile gadgetry), love to hangout on social networks and love to chat and discuss the latest in television and film.


I'm a FACEBOOK Growth Hacker. Constantly 'hacking' away at the STATUS QUO, questioning old and tired marketing means and always on the quest for new and more creative ways at helping businesses attract and engage with their customers on the most popular of social networks. Want to brainstorm on how you can better address your Facebook Marketing challenges? Hit me up over at SOCIABLE!


I enjoy helping others realize their dreams, aspirations, and living the kind of life they've always wished they could live. We only get one shot at this 'quest' we call LIFE, so why not live it the way WE want to live it on OUR TERMS?! We often take life for granted - so here is your first wake up call - DON'T! Every day gone is A DAY GONE FOREVER. So what are you going do?

The Grind - When I'm not burning the midnight oil on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, I'm sharing good news and good knowledge on any one of my 2 blogs - The Geekocracy (The LISTVERSE of Geekdom), and Pie Addict (Trials and tribulations of an aspiring pie baker) Links are below, check 'em out if you get a chance!

  • Work
    • The Nature Conservancy - TIS Manager
  • Education
    • Boise State University