David Rose

cambridge, ma

My book, Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things is out. Order it now!

I lead a team of brilliant computer vision engineers at Ditto Labs to automatically read the firehose of Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr photos to discover projects, brands, and affinities. See a live demo of Ditto.

At the MIT Media Lab I teach and research subtle, ambient interfaces like this line of Ambient Furniture. I enjoy speaking at conferences and companies about product innovation. Book me to speak.

Previously, I co-founded and was CEO at Vitality, a wireless healthcare company that makes the award-winning GlowCap, the first Internet-connected medication packaging. Vitality was acquired in 2011.

Before that, I founded and was CEO of Ambient Devices which embeds Internet information in everyday objects like the Ambient Orb, umbrellas, and digital post-it notes, to track weather, pollen, traffic, and energy consumption. Today Ambient encourages energy conservation with the Energy Joule.

In 1999 I led Viant’s Innovation Center, an advanced technology group for Fortune 500s including Sony, GM, Schwab, Sprint and Kinkos, and helped build Viant to over 900 people and a successful IPO.

In 1997 Neil Mayle and I were the first to develop and patent online photo-sharing (acquired by FlashPoint Technology).

  • Work
    • Ditto Labs, MIT Media Lab
  • Education
    • Harvard University