David Manheim

Researcher, Decision Theorist, and Public Policy Wonk in Israel

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Hi, I’m David Manheim. I work on a variety of grants and contracts to research existential risk mitigation, public health, computational modelling, and infectious disease epidemiology. I'm currently working as a lead researcher for 1DaySooner.

I'm also a happily married father of four wonderful kids. In my free time, I like thinking about Goodhart's Law, Artificial Intelligence alignment, and the long-term future of humanity. I've also been a #Superforecaster with the Good Judgement Project since 2012.

If you'd like to chat, feel free to get in touch on Twitter, or send me an invite on https://calendly.com/davidmanheim

In earlier lives, I did a PhD in Public Policy from Pardee Rand Graduate School focusing on risk analysis and decision theory. Before that, I used my undergraduate degree in mathematics working first with equity derivatives pricing, then catastrophe risk modeling for reinsurance.

  • Education
    • Frederick S. Pardee RAND Graduate School
    • Lander College