David Mendivil Gonzalez

David Mendivil González’s extensive understanding of risk and investment opportunities has supported his flourishing career in the real estate industry. David Mendivil González presently serves as Commercial Director of Mexico Retail Advisors, a commercial real estate company that develops and manages shopping centers for tenants such as Scotiabank, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Carl’s Jr., The Home Depot, Office Depot, and Citibank. In addition, Mr. Mendivil González leads Grupo Desarrollador del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V., as President. Based in Mexico, the firm purchases, redevelops, and sells distressed properties; creates and operates real estate investment trusts and mortgage-backed securities offerings; and acquires, renovates, and sells housing developments for families with low to middle incomes. Previously, he contributed as GMAC’s Director of Underperforming Assets in Mexico City. With more than 20 years of active involvement in the international real estate sector, Mr. Mendivil González has become recognized for his sound judgment, analytical and managerial skills, and his superlative ethical standards and unmatched values. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Sciences (Licenciado en Actuaría) from Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico and an advanced degree in business and finance from Harvard University in the United States.