Dave Merrill

Startup Exec, Entrepreneur, and Engineer in San Francisco, California

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I am a technology executive and startup founder with a computer science and human computer interaction background. Obsessed with improving quality of life worldwide with advanced air cargo systems - safely, efficiently and autonomously

Earlier: my tactile learning system company Sifteo – based on my Ph.D. from MIT - was acquired by drone-maker 3D Robotics in 2014 to become the kernel of a new consumer product group. At 3D Robotics I took various roles on the team that launched Solo: the Smart Drone mid 2015, then led R&D and IP.

I'm an alum of MIT and the Stanford Computer Science (@q_stanfordcompu) and Symbolic Systems (@stanfordsymsys) Departments.

Currently CEO of Elroy Air and Venture Partner at Lemnos Labs.

  • Work
    • Elroy Air
  • Education
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Stanford University