David Moorman

Web Developer, Behavioral health, and Cloud solutions in Massachusetts

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I am David Kent Moorman and I live on Cape Cod. I am working full-time as a clinical support coordinator and behavioral health referral coordinator for a federally qualified, patient-centered medical home. My hobbies are many and include web development, reading, and bicycling. My professional interests are in user experience, technology and innovation making a difference in the lives of others.

I enjoy new challenges and opportunities to grow and develop. The pursuit of competencies which catalyze my ability to make change is the essence of my motivations for being. More about what inspires and motivates me is below.

Feel free to reach out if you like what you read and think you might benefit by adding a driven, fastidious, loyal creative team member.

What comes naturally to me:


Methodical and steady, David probably dislikes interruptions or distractions while at work and may be more drawn to people who also value quality and high standards.


I thrive on change and know how to capitalize on it. It is important that I have enough change and variety.

I am motivated to cause good, growth and gain in the lives of others. I am also insightful as to the personality, intentions, emotions, ethics, values, and moods of people. I am effective in helping to develop other employees or interacting with customers.

I perform well in roles where I feel I can share information that makes a positive difference to others.

I derive personal satisfaction from directly helping others.

I understand the meaning of ideas and words and use them effectively in written or oral communication. I have the ability to express key concepts.

I desire to share ideas with the intent of helping people

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    • Bicycle Committee
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    • Cape Cod Community College
    • Defense Language Institute