David P. Donahue

Boston, Massachusetts

The Professional Me

I'm a software developer and architect. (Of course, ask 5 developers what an "architect" is and expect to get 5 different answers.) Most of my experience is on .NET development, primarily on web development. I've taken this experience in various enterprise environments to build a career on enterprise development and software architecture as a technical team lead.

Lately I've been focusing on career growth through two main avenues: Reading books and attending workshops, writing and presenting workshops I find that the latter makes for a considerably better teaching tool. The former, being more relaxing, is a great way to take a break from the latter.

The Personal Me

I'm usually pretty relaxed and laid-back, but retain the right to emit bursts of high energy when the time is right. I enjoy the following things, in no particular order:

Running and fitness

Going out with friends


Revolutionary War Re-enacting




Table-top gaming

General geekery

These days my greatest passions include exploring and career advancement. By "exploring" I usually mean going out to see new places and do new things. (Going to different parks and attractions, picking a destination on a map and driving there, etc.) And the "career advancement" part is just to reflect the fact that a lot of my reading and extra-curricular job-related work is done during my spare time, and that it's a significant part of who I am as a person at this stage in my life.