David Ryan Polgar

Greater New York Area, New York, United States

I provide the human side of tech.What I do:

-Consider how tech is affecting us from an emotional, legal, and ethical perspective. I sum that up as a "Tech Ethicist."

- Spot trends, provide business insight, and offer commentary.

- Digital Family Expert at ASKfm.

- Chief Safety Officer at Friendbase, a virtual playground for messaging, gaming, and collaboration.

-Co-founder of the Digital Citizenship Summit--a global conference focused on safe, savvy, and ethical social media/tech use.

I do a bunch of TV, radio, print, and online to push forward a different (and hopefully refreshing) perspective on emerging tech. I've been featured in The Boston Globe, the Financial Times, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, FoxNews.com, VentureBeat, and many more. I'm also a two-time TEDxer.

My specialties are crafting messages, seeing the big picture, and public speaking. My background as an attorney and college professor comes in handy for analytical thinking.

I'm an all-around energetic and creative guy, balancing a strong business acumen with an ability to connect seemingly disjointed topics and spot trends. My goal is always determine the signal from the noise. It's not going to be easy.

I consider myself an "idea guy" who gets excited by new and novel approaches to business and life. The Internet has drastically increased the virality of ideas, and that's always fun to watch. Last year I contributed an idea to Entrepreneur about brands-as-people that turned into a popular article, Would You Date Your Brand?

I currently write for The Good Men Project; while doing my personal blog, Overplugged, I interviewed big thinkers such as Malcolm Gladwell, Maria Konnikova, and Douglas Rushkoff.

Here is a recent profile about some of my work from Forbes and Lioness magazine.

I am all about collaboration, and I welcome the opportunity to connect. You can reach me at dpolgar [at] gmail [dot] com.

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