David Reagan

David Reagan in Atlanta, GA

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David Reagan is a personal trainer working with executives and high-end clients in Atlanta, Georgia, helping them balance their busy schedules with workout and meal plans to achieve optimal results. He has graduated Atlanta Personal Trainer Program and is NASM Certified. David Reagan specializes in weight loss, personalized workout plans, bodybuilding, and nutrition, and believes that customer satisfaction always comes first.
David is always there to cater to all your fitness needs to help you achieve your wellness goals. He guides his clients every step of the way to make sure they are focused and motivated to move past the obstacles. He understands what challenges can arise along the way as he has gone through struggling times himself.
Mr. Reagan knows that trying to achieve the perfect weight while battling personal issues and professional challenges can be overwhelming. The key to his success was regaining his confidence and a positive attitude. He had to pull himself from what he described as ‘probably the worst shape of his life’, which inspired him to want to help his clients do the same. Thanks to the personal experience, goal-oriented mindset, and professional certification, David Reagan ensures that his clients exceed their own expectations.