David Sams

Public Speaker in Nashville, Tennessee

David Sams

Public Speaker in Nashville, Tennessee

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David Sams launched the most iconic personality brand in the history of Television; is responsible for marketing and syndicating TV programming that has collectively generated billions of dollars in revenue; created and produced DRTV products that generated over $125 million in sales; represented authors and TV/Radio personalities, garnering mega deals and explosive growth opportunities; launched a radio programming and content powerhouse that is currently the fastest-growing service of its kind in America.

Sams is a 9-Time Emmy Winning Producer/Director/Writer. He has also won the Infomercial of the Year Award, Program Length Advertisement of the Year Honor, five Addys, and multiple accolades.

Sams has been featured in the pages of USATODAY, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and TVGuide. He has appeared on 60 MINUTES, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, NBC'S TODAY, DATELINE NBC, and WORLD NEWS TONIGHT. He is the archetypal entrepreneur--a preeminent idea man whose track record is synonymous with success.

In 1986, Sams launched the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW into national syndication. His creative marketing efforts made Oprah a household name even before the talk show host hit the airwaves. She was #1 in nearly every TV market from her very first day on the air. Sams also helped turn WHEEL OF FORTUNE and JEOPARDY into the two highest-rated shows in syndication history, while head of global marketing and creative affairs for a family owned syndication company called King World. Soon thereafter the company went public and became the darling of Wall Street and one of the most profitable companies in the nation. Years later, without a penny of debt on its books, King World sold for billions of dollars.

Sams has created and sold numerous entertainment and Internet properties over his 35 years in business. He has produced over 3,500 hours of TV programming.

Sams currently is Executive Director of CharityOne, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization, which he co-founded. CO produces KeepTheFaith, Contagious Encouragement Radio, which is the #1 show of it's kind on the radio today, with a monthly listenership of over 8 million people.

Email: David@Sams.TV or DavidSams@KeepTheFaith.com

(312) 715-SAMS or (818) 939-1008

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