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"Heart Transformation" dedicated to Master Sha:

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http://lovepeaceharmony movement.drsha.com/ ~

Our meetups are currently in an interval. Visit in January and February 2019 the Flour Garden Bakery in Grass Valley, California to view Master Qi-Qing's Tao Calligraphies.


Transform your life on the soul level through Sacred Tao Practices, chanting, singing and more. ~

I am a Tao Hands Practitioner, certified by the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment.

Master Qi-Qing's Tao Calligraphy Review from David Thorp: In tracing Master Qi Qing's Tao Calligraphy, Tao Guang, I feel happiness and relaxation. This Calligraphy had an even wider influence: My 7 y/o violin student's 3 y/o sister was sitting in on a lesson recently. I had mentioned the Tao Guang Calligraphy displayed on the piano music rack. Without prompt, the 3 y/o upon leaving said, "My headache is gone."

Beautiful message here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_y98v8jpIk

Support our State Parks: Terry Fortner's www.caladesimemories.com

JOY STRING QUARTET for events. please voice message (530) 635-6193

Meet: www.cbricedolanccomposer.com/

David's Play Violin, Play Viola Studio for performance and teaching in Auburn, Sacramento and Davis, California is ready to serve your treasured Soul's musical Journey! dsthorp@yahoo.com (530) 635-6193

David Scharrer Thorp is on thumbtack.com

I provide the following upon request:

Fingerboard Maps for Guitar, Vln, Va/Cello, Bass

Music paper pdf with multi-colored staves

J. S. Bach BWV 1001 Adagio in G minor in proportional notation:

Banchieri Four Canzoni for strings

Haendel's Messiah Part I, No. 5, alternate viola part

Mozart's Symphony No. 41, Kalmus viola part page turning solution for the Finale.

Beethoven's Bagatelle, opus 119, no. 5 transcribed for string trio

Viola da Gamba Sonata III of J. S. Bach with Chi Xin & David at this link:


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